Johny Hoffman

++ JavaScript Developer

About me

Hey there! I started a computer programming journey sometime ago and have continued to hack away in various languages over the years. I currently solve most of my problems with JavaScript but that could change again as time dictates. I get pretty excited about watching soccer(football), especially when my favorite teams, Manchester United and the US Men’s National Team, are playing. I enjoy playing deck based card games such as Marvel Legendary with my wife, Pokémon with my son, or UNO with my daughter. I run for exercise and as a way to push myself when training for marathons. I also like reading, solving mental puzzles such as Sudoku, physical puzzles such as Rubik's cubes, building things, and fixing things. I'm a pretty active disc golfer as well. Above all else though, I love spending time with my wife, son, daughter, and dogs!

Technologies I enjoy using:

  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • React, Express, Gatsby, Node.js, Next.js
  • MongoDB, Firebase, Contentful,, Apollo
  • Bootstrap, MaterialUI, Foundation
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Sick Fits App
Sick Fits! An example React, GraphQL, Next and Apollo
Image 5-Feb-2019 at 18.20
Dang That's Delicious
Sample Node.js and Express server web application. MongoDB database on Mongo Atlas and Google Maps API usage.
DTD Screenshot
Catch of the Day
Seafood market ordering desktop/tablet demo. React/Firebase state management and OAuth administration.
COTD Screenshot
Stadium Tours App
Sample Node.js and Express app making use of APIs and login functionality.
Stadium Tours Screenshot


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Frontend Masters Bootcamp pt.2
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Frontend Masters Bootcamp pt.1

Frontend Masters Bootcamp pt.1
Why I decided to make my own online bootcamp curriculum
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From the top. Again. Again.

Today I am again going to … again begin the journey of web development, that I expect to continue for many years. I have been a web…
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